Month: August 2012

Vanilla Cupcakes - Baked

Vanilla Cupcakes

Two weekends ago I hosted a baby shower at my house for my Sister-in-Law.  Along with me hosting & organising the event I made some of the eats too.  One of such eats was these really great vanilla cupcakes.  I have used this recipe time and time again and I have never had them flop & always seem to get… Read more →


Emergency Cash Key Ring

My father-in-pretend-law has one of those super sharp minds that naturally think outside of the box and these emergency cash key rings are testament to his general awesome niftyness.  Each of us received one of these in our Christmas stockings last year and trust me, it has saved me from embarrassment on more than one occasion.  Yeah, I sometimes forget that I… Read more →

The Kitchen Garden

So now you have a great outline for your garden.  Today we are going to design your kitchen garden. You may use your original plan, or you may want to outline just the kitchen area and do a separate plan for it, and then for each ‘room’ in your garden. I will use the same plan as before. You may… Read more →


Its for the birds!

Yay!!  Spring in Pretoria has sprung. I spent the day in my lovely airy, filled-with-light office, wearing summer clothes!  Snor City might have many things wrong with it, but the weather is VERY definitely not one of them.  I actually spied a hummingbird feeding from a strelitzia this morning, I didn’t even know one found them in South Africa.  Freaking… Read more →


Banana & Chocolate Braai Pudding

Over this past long weekend I spent my days driving around the Kruger National Park.  It was such a fantastic break and it is the most amazing place to see what South African life is all about…..bush, wild animals, braai & more bush!  A trip to the Kruger National Park should be on everyone’s bucket list & when you go this… Read more →


Make your own sweet mustard

I admit it.  I am a total food snob, not because I have a finely developed palate or anything like that – goodness knows I grew up in a hostel and hostel food is all about providing fuel and nutrition, very utilitarian that way – but because my mother is a passionate cook and baker and made sure we were… Read more →

Lesedi la Batho – teaching knitting skills

I love to knit. Most women submitted to psychiatric hospitals are taught to knit as it is seen as having a therapeutic effect. Well, should I ever get there, I can skip that lesson. The repetitive mechanisms of knitting is not only therapeutic, it is a wonderful outlet for creative energy.  And I live out my creativity by knitting throws… Read more →

Wire distribution in a plug.

maak’it Monday FAIL…/0\

So it turns out that the post I had planned for yesterday’s maak’it Monday might be illegal; not going-to-jail-illegal but very definitely ‘not regulation’.  According to the  South African Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993 in the Electrical Installation Regulations section: 6. Electrical contractor No person may do electrical installation work unless that person has been registered as an electrical contractor… Read more →