Month: September 2012

Mango Panna Cotta with Tropical Salsa

Mango Panna Cottas with Tropical Salsa

I came across this recipe in a magazine for Mango Panna Cottas.  It sounded so interesting, looked delicious and definitely fitted with the light, airy and fruity spring theme we are going with.   As I love trying new recipes, especially really interesting and different ones, I decided to give it a go. Read more →

Painting with pixels

I have had no time for blogging in the last while, so I’m going to show you what I used to do when I did have time… I sometimes freelance at agencies that book me in for weeks at a time, and then sometimes don’t have enough work to cover all 8 hours of the day. I can’t do a… Read more →

So what is Heritage Day, Exactly?

Heritage Day is one of the newest South African public holidays, which was formerly known as Shaka Day.  Celebrated on the 24th of September it was originally in commemoration of the legendary Zulu King. King Shaka, as some of us were taught at school, was the king of the Zulu’s – the true and original African. Since my last history… Read more →

Welcome to Spring

Hello again and welcome to spring! A beautiful garden that attracts and feeds birds and insects not only helps the environment but it is so good for one’s soul. A grieving individual will enjoy sitting outside and having some quiet time for reminiscing and planning their future, as will a convalescing patient, a broken heart, a healing limb. Herbs are… Read more →

So, did you know… strelitzias

This time of the year is the season for the Strelitzia (Bird-of-paradise flower): Those glamorous flowers indigenous to South Africa. The unique shape of the flower is there for a specific purpose: It depends on birds for pollination.  The flower produces large quantities of low quality nectar but the characteristics of the flower are specific to attract birds as the… Read more →

Summer Fruit Pavlova

Summer Fruit Pavlova

In honour of spring I have decided for this month I am going to try making light, airy & fruity desserts or baked goods.  And the first sweet thing that came to mind when thinking of light, airy & fruity was a SUMMER FRUIT PAVLOVA. Read more →


Paint your photos with light

Wikipedia defines Light Painting as “… a photographic technique in which exposures are made by moving a hand-held light source or by moving the camera.” By using long exposures, a light source can be used to trace an image or text onto the exposure over time. The longer the exposure, the more time you have to draw more intricate shapes,… Read more →

Where and How did Arbour Day Originate?

Arbour Day is one day a year that is set aside for the planting of trees. Being forward thinking, Arbour Day is a true conservation effort. Conservation, according to the dictionary is the preservation, maintenance and protection of natural resources for the future good of all.  So, one wonders, how did this come about, and who was this forward-thinking person… Read more →

Playdough Cooling

Making Colourful and Fun Playdough

I have always wanted to make playdough for the kids but I have seen the results of some really dodgy homemade versions, which tend to leave a layer of salt on your hands after fiddling with it.  This has put me off trying to make my own for a while until along came the fabulous and wonderful Pinterest which is… Read more →