Month: November 2012

Beautiful baby shoes from Tic Tac Toe

SARIE Kamersvol Geskenke

Beautiful Christmas tree decorations from the Bredasdorp Square stall.  You can also buy a real life Yellowwood Christmas tree from them!  How wonderful would it be to celebrate Christmas with your grandchildren under the tree you bought when your children were still babies!  Such a legacy! Read more →


Sew long, long-term quilt project!

There is little better than finally completing a (very) long term project, and I could not have wished for a better partner in production. I decided weeks ago that I was going to take off the whole week of my mom’s visit, and I decided almost at the same time to use that time to clear some creative projects off… Read more →


Homemade facial mask

I woke up Sunday morning with a frazzled face. I hate when that happens, it is usually due to Menzies, but this time around it was just too much over indulgence and too little sleep. So I decided that my long suffering guinea pig and I would have a home spa day. (Queue begging and promises of guaranteed enjoyment.) After a quick Google search… Read more →

Fient Lifestyle Gallery

Oh guys, I can’t even begin to tell you how very much I love this shop!  Not only do they have great and pretty things (oh, so many things that I want!!) in their shop, the shop itself is located in one of those spaces where all you want to do is breathe in the light and twirl like a… Read more →