Month: March 2013

Dry wash dog shampoo

Homemade dry-wash dog shampoo

The royal family at 3623 HATES getting a bath.  It is not just that they hate being washed, they intensely dislike water in general.  Miss Priss once went to the farm with me and it was only after she got a good ribbing from the farm dogs for being such a city sissy that she joined in the fun to… Read more →

Nutella Butter Cake

Nutella Butter Cake

Having a husband who loves chocolate and many a friend who goes nuts for Nutella, when I found this recipe on a blog, I knew it would be a winner. Needless to say, the whole cake was devoured within 24 hours. It’s a simple cake, easy to make and even easier to finish. Read more →

Bunny and Chick Cones

Bunny and Chick Easter Cones

As Easter approaches us I thought it would be fun to make some Easter “things”.  I did a search on the net for some ideas and I came upon this clever craft idea by . This is a great idea to use as decorations for your Easter Celebration.  Add an Easter egg or two and give it to someone… Read more →


Birth Day!

So this is my very first blog and, of course, it’s about Mommyhood. Anyone who has a baby or is expecting one will understand how all-consuming this topic becomes in your thoughts and discussions. It’s the single most monumental change that will ever explode into your life and absolutely reshuffle everything in it. It’s sometimes very, very hard and scary… Read more →

Homemade Dog Treats -

Homemade Dog Treats

I started making homemade dog treats for my darling Harry Hound and his furry friends a few months ago. Since we have started treat training him, I thought it would be better making him treats free of preservatives, colourants and additives. The two recipes here are great basic recipes which you can add to or take away from – you… Read more →