Month: May 2013

Spicy Sweet potato and pumpkin soup

Spicy pumpkin and sweet potato soup

Years of hostel living have made me a hater of all things soup.  There is just something about that oniony, vegetable stock smell that immediately brings back a flood of angsty adolescent feelings and memories of cold hallways, even colder study halls and horrible margarine and polony sandwiches.  However since I have been dating a kaaskop with a predilection for soup and… Read more →

Mother's day gifts

maak’it miscellaneous

So inclement weather, lack of time and a bloody fantastic wedding kind of kept me from finishing up the new and improved composting system at 3623 this weekend.  And as I am off to the overseas for a little bit, it will just have to wait until I am home again.  But I was not totally idle the past week… Read more →

Leafmould in the making

Winter is coming!

Although I am not fond of autumn, mostly because it precedes winter, I have come to appreciate it for its own beautiful colours.  Up here in Pretoria it is an absolute pleasure to drive around Brooklyn and Rietondale and see all the liquid amber trees showing off their red-gold sunset coloured leaves.  Rietondale Park is especially perfect for a lazy… Read more →