Month: September 2013

Yarn Bomb square knitting

Yarn Bombing – Square Knitting Patterns

I recently joined the Wol en Naalde group on Facebook and it is an absolute treasure trove of ideas and inspiration. But more important for this new knitter are all the tips and helpful hints from real-life knitters and crocheters.  Another awesome little something that I learned from joining this group is that the South African needle and hook people are… Read more →

Make your own pocket planters for your walls

Make your own fabric wall planter pockets

Spring has sprung \0/!  In some places in name only, Cape Town we are looking at you! But here in Snor City it has been springy since mid-August.  There are some shitty aspects to Pretoria but the weather is definitely not one of them!  So to celebrate spring and fill up some dead space in the courtyard I decided to… Read more →