A new blank canvas to play with!

I am so very excited, we finally got around to tearing down the drywalling between two of the bedrooms and I have a brand spanking new blank canvas to play with.  There is nothing like a blank canvas to get the creative juices flowing.  What is great about this new space is that it is light and airy and warm during the winter.

Our kitchen in the beginning.

The nightmare from the 70’s

We bought a pretty old house some time ago and we figured we’ll have the beast fixed up in no time.  However it is almost three years later and we have only gotten around to fixing up the kitchen. ( That is a story for another post but on the right, you can see why the kitchen was fixed up posthaste.  Yes, those  are orange cupboards and  that is a brown linoleum floor, never mind the tiles! )

While still in the old place, dreaming of the day we can move in and start making changes, we drew up plans and scoured the Internet for supplies and ideas.  Oh, what a rude awaking it was  to realise that our dreams were somewhat bigger than our budget /0\.  So instead of doing everything at once, we are doing things little by little, all the while keeping the big picture in mind.  I have to tell you though that the delay was a blessing in disguise. You will not believe how much the initial plans have changed since we have moved in and actually lived in a house that has to be maintained, kept warm, airtight and clean.  There is much to be said for practicality that comes from experience.

But on to the real purpose of this post. I have a new room to play with. Yay! And it is a proper smorgasbord of potential maak’it monday posts!  I can’t wait to get started on it.  Below is the two spaces before.

The two rooms that is now one

The two rooms which became one.

 And now it is one big space!

Ripped out the dry wall and now there is just blank canvas to play with

The Do To List:

  • Get rid of the built in cupboard
  • Clean the walls and the carpets
  • Hide the hole in the carpet where the drywalling was (thinking of something along these lines)
  • Sort out the curtain situation
  • Make a bookcase for all the books that are currently lying around the house
  • Make pouffes for comfy reading in sunny spots
  • Make a coffee and tea station
  • Come up with a storing solution for the ten million magazines that I can’t throw away
  • Paint the walls
  • Do something with that hanging cupboard in the corner…
  • Sort out the lighting situation (love this idea)

And those are just the things I can think of now.  I will let the room marinate a while and as soon as a plan comes together I’ll be sharing the process with you.

Happy weekend and stay warm.


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  1. 2012/06/24 at 00:14

    Awesome!! So much more ROOM! Question though – why is there no option to see the images zoomed in? (Like the top one, for example)…

  2. 2012/06/25 at 18:16

    Oh dear, yeeeees… It is because I tried the “no link” option on the images and forgot to take it off again… /0\. Still learning 🙂

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