Author: therese

Plaasfees – Willem Prinsloo Museum

It would actually be easier to write about our trip to the Agricultural Festival at the Willem Prinsloo Agricultural Museum in Afrikaans because few words are as satisfying as the word “plaasfees”. The Museum is about 40 kilometers out of Pretoria on the Cullinan road and showcases the history of the development of agriculture in South Africa from the Stone… Read more →

So, did you know… strelitzias

This time of the year is the season for the Strelitzia (Bird-of-paradise flower): Those glamorous flowers indigenous to South Africa. The unique shape of the flower is there for a specific purpose: It depends on birds for pollination.  The flower produces large quantities of low quality nectar but the characteristics of the flower are specific to attract birds as the… Read more →

Lesedi la Batho – teaching knitting skills

I love to knit. Most women submitted to psychiatric hospitals are taught to knit as it is seen as having a therapeutic effect. Well, should I ever get there, I can skip that lesson. The repetitive mechanisms of knitting is not only therapeutic, it is a wonderful outlet for creative energy.  And I live out my creativity by knitting throws… Read more →