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Magnetic Necklace Display

DIY Magnetic display board and jewellery organiser

I think the collective noun for necklaces should be a mess of necklaces.  No matter how carefully you put them away somehow when you open your drawer again all of them have tangled into a glorious mess.  So I have been toying with the idea of a jewellery display for ages, but I do not like the chicken wire or peg board solutions that are all… Read more →

Completed irrigation system

DIY an irrigation system for your garden

At long last something to write about, I can finally start installing my irrigation system because the soil at 3623 has been sorted out one time.  About a year ago I received Jane’s Delicious Garden as a gift and it is truly one of those gifts that keep on giving.  First thing that I realised after reading just a few pages… Read more →


French Drains – Part 2

The French drain installation is finally complete. After a boatload of gravel and even more elbow grease I can finally declare that the plan worked.  The amount of water running down into the garage has been reduced tremendously and after a night time shower there was hardly any mud on the paving.  Yay!  It is a win for 3623! Read more →


DIY Bird Feeder Success

I am so very chuffed to announce that the DIY bird feeders have been a resounding success.  In the past couple of weeks there has been increased bird activity in the garden and the joy of hearing birds and birds and more birds on waking up is just exquisite.  We even have a dove nesting just outside my office. Got… Read more →


The cheat’s way to cleaning painted/varnished wood

I love wood.  I specifically love naked wood. Wood that is as close to its natural state as possible.  I would even go as far as calling myself a wood snob because I have no qualms about painting over wood that offends my perception of what good wood looks like.  Our house is full of those horrible built-in chipboard cupboards and… Read more →


Its for the birds!

Yay!!  Spring in Pretoria has sprung. I spent the day in my lovely airy, filled-with-light office, wearing summer clothes!  Snor City might have many things wrong with it, but the weather is VERY definitely not one of them.  I actually spied a hummingbird feeding from a strelitzia this morning, I didn’t even know one found them in South Africa.  Freaking… Read more →

Wire distribution in a plug.

maak’it Monday FAIL…/0\

So it turns out that the post I had planned for yesterday’s maak’it Monday might be illegal; not going-to-jail-illegal but very definitely ‘not regulation’.  According to the  South African Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993 in the Electrical Installation Regulations section: 6. Electrical contractor No person may do electrical installation work unless that person has been registered as an electrical contractor… Read more →


Install your own laminate wood flooring

As previously mentioned we bought a fixer-upper back in 2009 and had ambitious plans for it.  After our initial burst of fixing and painting, life started happening again (as it is wont to do) and we took a 2 year hiatus from actively renovating.  But these past two weeks the streak of nothingness was finally broken and we tackled our… Read more →

The DIY Doggy Door in action

DIY Doggy Door

As I mentioned in the last post, our mutts finished the job that the rain started on the door to their room and forced us to make serious work of getting a doggy door installed.  Considering their rather considerable size and the fact that we did not want to replace the door (there is a bigger plan in the making… Read more →