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Any project that involves a needle and thread.

Soft blocks for little guy all done!

Sewing soft blocks for young’uns

Ha ha ha, I started out this post with a whole philosophical paragraph about why I love hanging out with kids, but my SEO software tells me that shit a’int gonna fly.  Gotta get the keywords in the first paragraph to draw in the bots, ahem crowds… /0\.  So here it is, this is a tutorial on how to sew… Read more →

Yarn Bomb square knitting

Yarn Bombing – Square Knitting Patterns

I recently joined the Wol en Naalde group on Facebook and it is an absolute treasure trove of ideas and inspiration. But more important for this new knitter are all the tips and helpful hints from real-life knitters and crocheters.  Another awesome little something that I learned from joining this group is that the South African needle and hook people are… Read more →

Make your own pocket planters for your walls

Make your own fabric wall planter pockets

Spring has sprung \0/!  In some places in name only, Cape Town we are looking at you! But here in Snor City it has been springy since mid-August.  There are some shitty aspects to Pretoria but the weather is definitely not one of them!  So to celebrate spring and fill up some dead space in the courtyard I decided to… Read more →

Double knit wool

Knitting 101

My pretend in-laws recently taught me the art of knitting and I have been, ahem… hooked ever since.  Initially I just wanted to learn how to knit to curb my smoking habit.  If my hands are busy I can’t use them to light up.  However, since then I have become obsessed with knitting.  What blew my mind was the fact… Read more →

Two drawstring bags fit snugly into the pannier

Drawstring bags for pannier packing

It has been a while since my last post, but I am back and have found words again. Yay! \0/!  I sometimes get that thing where I forget how to communicate in proper sentences.  I want to do everything in bullet point lists and that doesn’t make for good reading…  This project has been languishing in the draft section for… Read more →


Sew long, long-term quilt project!

There is little better than finally completing a (very) long term project, and I could not have wished for a better partner in production. I decided weeks ago that I was going to take off the whole week of my mom’s visit, and I decided almost at the same time to use that time to clear some creative projects off… Read more →

Captain America

DIY Super hero Halloween costumes

Its Halloween, and Vida has been asking me  for a while now to write a piece for maak’it. So here goes… I know you will think I have an unfair advantage to this costume thing when you find out I am a primary school Arts and Crafts teacher. But I can assure you that most of my creativity is spontaneous and… Read more →

Lesedi la Batho – teaching knitting skills

I love to knit. Most women submitted to psychiatric hospitals are taught to knit as it is seen as having a therapeutic effect. Well, should I ever get there, I can skip that lesson. The repetitive mechanisms of knitting is not only therapeutic, it is a wonderful outlet for creative energy.  And I live out my creativity by knitting throws… Read more →


Finger knitted snood

The finger knitting bug bit me good and proper after seeing this tutorial on Design Sponge (one of my favourite blackholes!) for a chunky finger knit pillow. Easy to follow, step-by-step instructions for the finger knitting part can be found on Flax & Twine.  Moms, take note finger knitting is an excellent way to keep little hands busy on rainy… Read more →