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Plaasfees – Willem Prinsloo Museum

It would actually be easier to write about our trip to the Agricultural Festival at the Willem Prinsloo Agricultural Museum in Afrikaans because few words are as satisfying as the word “plaasfees”. The Museum is about 40 kilometers out of Pretoria on the Cullinan road and showcases the history of the development of agriculture in South Africa from the Stone… Read more →

How to organise your necklaces without spending a penny

Yay, we can finally start our readers’ contribution corner.  First up is this simple, why-haven’t-I-thought-of-that solution to that tangled mess that is your necklace collection from my wonderful pretend sister-in-law.  She writes, I’m not tooting my own horn or anything… But i was totally stumped because all my necklaces were a mess and I always forgot which ones I had,… Read more →

Coolest alternative to Spotify!

I believe there are people who do not know the joys of Spotify. I learned this news a few months ago, and was saddened by it. Spotify is the next step in the evolution of music playback. It goes: Gramaphone records > Vinyl records > CD’s and tape cassettes (long live the mix tape!) > mp3’s > Spotify. Obviously the… Read more →

I am a Liz Lemonite!

I adore Tina Fey.  I came pretty late to the 30 Rock party, but am I now a devoted fan of the The Girlie Show with Tracy Morgan.  After reading Bossypants over Christmas last year Tina Fey can do no wrong in my eyes, and here is why: A Prayer for her Daughter (from Bossypants) “First, Lord: No tattoos. May neither… Read more →


The virtues of blackout lining

Just a quick post on how ASEM blackout lining is.  The New and Improved TV Room™ finally had its curtains hung and I am so impressed with how well the blackout lining works.  When we had the curtains made, I nearly had a heart attack when it turned out that the lining was almost twice as expensive as the material… Read more →

Painting with pixels

I have had no time for blogging in the last while, so I’m going to show you what I used to do when I did have time… I sometimes freelance at agencies that book me in for weeks at a time, and then sometimes don’t have enough work to cover all 8 hours of the day. I can’t do a… Read more →

So what is Heritage Day, Exactly?

Heritage Day is one of the newest South African public holidays, which was formerly known as Shaka Day.  Celebrated on the 24th of September it was originally in commemoration of the legendary Zulu King. King Shaka, as some of us were taught at school, was the king of the Zulu’s – the true and original African. Since my last history… Read more →

So, did you know… strelitzias

This time of the year is the season for the Strelitzia (Bird-of-paradise flower): Those glamorous flowers indigenous to South Africa. The unique shape of the flower is there for a specific purpose: It depends on birds for pollination.  The flower produces large quantities of low quality nectar but the characteristics of the flower are specific to attract birds as the… Read more →


Paint your photos with light

Wikipedia defines Light Painting as “… a photographic technique in which exposures are made by moving a hand-held light source or by moving the camera.” By using long exposures, a light source can be used to trace an image or text onto the exposure over time. The longer the exposure, the more time you have to draw more intricate shapes,… Read more →