Cupcake Decorating Class

With Christmas approaching, we here on the MAAK ‘IT website are gearing towards the season.

As I love baking I have included “Christmas cupcakes” on the list for my Christmas goodies menu but I wanted to do something really great, not just your normal sprinkle here and there on cupcakes but something clever and not shop bought either.  Just my luck I received a great deal via Groupon for a Cupcake Decorating Class for two.  The company is EXCLUSIVE BAKE, the owner and baker is THERESA, and the class was based on Christmas decorating amongst other themes too.  Can you imagine my luck?

Last week Vida (my fellow MAAK ‘IT lady) and I went to a Cupcake Decorating Class.  The class was so much fun and we learnt about different techniques of piping, decoration pieces and how to make and put them together and tips on how to work with Pettinice (fondant).

We each had our own place to sit at the table with our own tools to work with and 6 cupcakes were placed in front of us.  Little did we know at that point that these 6 cupcakes would be transformed into master pieces in OUR eyes.

So let’s begin.

The first cupcake and I must admit I really enjoyed making this one…. “The Snowman”

The second cupcake and great for a Christmas theme too…. “Christmas leaves/Holly leaves”

The third cupcake still focusing on the upcoming season… “The Christmas Stars”

The forth cupcake steering away from the Christmas idea and so easy once you know how… “The Bow”

The Fifth cupcake with its simple concept but much harder than it looks… “The Roses”

The sixth cupcake was free for all so let’s go wild… “The flowers & butterfly” & “Mini Stars”

Tips when working with Pettinice (fondant):

  • Try not to over work the fondant, the longer you handle it the softer it gets
  • Make sure your hands are cold as warm/hot hands soften the pettinice (fondant) very quickly
  • To make your decorations  for the top of your cupcakes or cakes, you will need your pettinice (fondant) to be much harder so mix a bit of CMC powder into your pettinice (fondant), it is said that 1 tsp to 500g of pettinice (fondant)
  • If you have made decorations out of your pettinice (fondant) make sure you leave it overnight or for at least 1 day to dry.
  • Never put your pettinice (fondant) into the fridge for storage, place in an airtight container or use a Ziploc bag and put into a cool dry part of your pantry.
  • Also once you have used pettinice (fondant) on your cupcakes or cakes do not place into the fridge either.
  • CMC powder works as edible glue once mixed in with water, this is very handy when attaching different pieces of your pettinice (fondant) decorations together


Okay so it’s your turn now, get creative on your own and make some fabulous looking cupcakes.

If you are interested in a class like we did contact Theresa from Exclusive Bake via email or call her up.

Exclusive Bake: or 083 652 5108

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  1. 2012/11/06 at 22:11

    This was such a great experience! Thank you Danielle!!