Homemade Bath and Foot Soaks

I love bathing, although I do not do the whole light-candles-and-drink-wine-in-the-bath thing, I spend an unhealthy amount of time in the bath reading.  So far I have lost only one book to the water in a bath-reading career that has spanned more than a decade.  Not too bad a casualty record, I think. But regardless, these reading sessions always leave my skin all pruney and dehydrated.  Yes, I know that does not seem to make sense, but water actually strips your skin of its natural oils and thus dehydrates it.  Luckily for me and my fellow bath-readers a homemade remedy is at hand.  

Using bath salts containing Epsom salt is a great way to keep that pruney effect at bay.  Epsom salt is natural occurring mineral called hydrated magnesium sulphate and has a myriad of health benefits.  However, pregnant fairies and people who are being treated for chronic diseases should check with their doctors first before plunging into an Epsom salt bath.

As gifts I made two kinds of soaking salts – a cooling peppermint and lavender foot soak and an invigorating orange and rosemary bath soak.  Sweet orange oil has an uplifting and energising aroma and rosemary oil is great for sore muscles, so use this blend after strenuous physical activity.  Peppermint oil contains menthol which induces a cooling sensation.  Together with relaxing lavender, it makes short work of hot and tired feet.

The Blends
Invigorating Orange & Rosemary

    • 8 drops orange
    • 16 drops rosemary
Cooling Peppermint & Lavender

  • 10 drops peppermint
  • 10 drops lavender

The IngredientsThe necessary ingredients

  • Coarse salt
  • Epsom salt
  • Liquid glycerine or Jojoba oil
  • Essential oils
  • Fresh or dried rose petals/lavender sprigs/rosemary sprigs
  • Glass containers

The How To

  1. Layer the coarse salt and Epsom salt in your container.  I use about three times as much Epsom salt as coarse salt.Layer the epsom and rock salt
  2. When you get to about halfway add a tablespoon of glycerine or jojoba oil.  I prefer jojoba oil as it is VERY good for your skin.  If you decide to add sprigs of lavender or rosemary, add it in between the layers of salt.Add the jojoba oil and some rosemary sprigs
  3. Continue adding layers of salt, but do not fill the container all the way to the top.  Leave enough space to allow for a good shake.  Add 15 – 30 drops of essential oil to the container.Add the essential oils
  4. Screw the lid on and give the whole thing a good shake.Give it a good shake to mix all the ingredients

And that is all there is to creating your own bath or foot soak.  Mix up your own batch, grab a good book and go spend a couple of minutes (or more) relaxing in your bath.  It is ALWAYS a good idea!

Peppermint and lavender foot soak

Happy relaxing until next time!