Kindle cover update

As you know I was not quite happy with the result from my earlier adventures.   But I am happy to announce that I’ve found what I was looking for.  Found wooden buttons and yellow elastic at Ruby’s Haberdashery in Brooklyn Mall.  That little shop is a treasure trove of inspiration, if you don’t feel inspired to make stuff after visiting them you might not have a creative bone in your body, and that is entirely impossible.  My point is go there and start playing :)!

Shop around until you find what you are looking for.


So you are probably wondering what the little red thingamajigs are.  They are called female lugs and are traditionally used to connect electrical cables.

The female lug is used to keep the elastic from going through the grommet hole.

I figure we can use them to secure the elastic without knots and keep it from going through the grommet hole.  Work the end of the elastic through the hole in the middle so that it comes out at the plastic side.  Crimp the plastic end with pliers, voilà your elastic is securely fixed and the lug will stop it from going trough the grommet hole.

I am making another cover as a Father’s Day gift this weekend, I will let you know on Monday whether this was easier said than done.

Have  a happy and relaxing weekend!