maak’it miscellaneous

So inclement weather, lack of time and a bloody fantastic wedding kind of kept me from finishing up the new and improved composting system at 3623 this weekend.  And as I am off to the overseas for a little bit, it will just have to wait until I am home again.  But I was not totally idle the past week and started a whole load of projects to be completed when I come back.  I have noticed that I need something to look forward to when I get home after a holiday, otherwise I just fall into a black pit of ‘holiday-is-over’ blues.  

Talking about the blues, I have recently listened to the new Jack Parow album and although he is very definitely not everybody’s cup of tea, listen to the song Tussen Stasies.  It gets the blues quite spot on:

‘ek moet uitgaan,
ek moet werk,
maar ek sit vas in die bed…

en ek skree volle bors in die aand met my kop in die kussing
ek lê vir ure in die bad met my kop onder die water
ek slaap elke oggend laat want die wêreld kan wag tot later’

Anyhoo, onto the non-idleness of the past week.  First up was my study that was just depressing me endlessly.  It was such a mess of old papers, magazines, books and little notes everywhere that the moment you walked in you just wanted to walk out again.  Absolutely NOT CONDUCIVE to productivity at all.  So baby steps, baby steps I finally got down and dirty and chucked out anything I have not touched in the last three months and organised my hobby cupboard.  I also discovered some leftover paint from the TV room and decided that it was time to do something about my makeshift bookcase.

This cupboard was mounted against the wall when we moved in, but as I am a short arse I could not quite reach it. So when we got rid of the drywalling I decided to take the cupboard off the wall as well.  In the first photo you’ll see there is still a nasty scratch in the wall from one of the mounting screws that didn’t want to come out.  I still have a daybed to paint, so I’ll do a complete painting-wood-post when that gets done.

Future daybed project

The daybed to be, AKA SOpperman

We are travelling through the northwestern region of France on a motorbike, so with the pannier packing in mind I made us some denim drawstring bags to keep things a little more organised in those cramped packing spaces.  The how-to will follow on Monday when I can show you a picture of the bags in action 🙂Pannier packing organisers

It turns out that I have quite a bit of denim material left over – the material was originally slated for curtains, but that plan has been changed – so I decided to make the dogs floor pillows for when they are watching TV with us.  I still have some off cuts from the TV room curtains left as well, so that will be used for jazzing up the denim a bit, still have to figure out how though…

Future project #3 is a worm farm to be constructed.  I am very excited about this as it would go a long way towards helping with the soil rehabilitation project.  Apparently earthworms are quite prolific breeders so I should be able to add some worms to the compost heap in about a month or two.

Future worm farm project

Future worm farm project

Aah, but now I have to tell you about the awesome wedding we attended this weekend.   It was as beautiful and full of life affirming joy as the happy couple.  The reception was hosted in the courtyard of Papa’s Restaurant at Duncan Yard.  So imagine one of those big Italian family weddings in some or other little Italian town plaza and you have the ambiance just about right. Boisterous and happy does not even begin to cover it 🙂

Painted mason jars as vases

Painted Consol jam jars as vases. So nifty huh?

I happened to be seated next to the wedding photographer, Schantel van der Merwe, and what a great talent and awesome person she is.  Go have a look at Kiekie Photography to see more of her work.  She also had one of the most ASEM camera bags I have ever come across.  Just look at it!!

These lovelies and a whole load more other lovelies are available on  I am very definitely saving my sweetie money for one of these.  They are just fantastic!  The bags also have sleeves for keeping your SD cards, USB sticks and bank cards in.  It is truly the one stop shop as far as camera bags go.

And then just a last word on gift decoration.  I have come to notice that as long as you have twine and some rock roses, you will NEVER be without gift wrapping.  For Mother’s Day the matriarchs in my pretend-family-in-law received a bottle filled with love andvolstruis mis‘.  However the bottles looked awful naked, and word knows I wasn’t going to pop on a ‘doilie en ‘n rekkie’.  So twine and rock roses saved the day.Mother's day gifts