Quick Kids Art Display

Quick Kids Art Display

My daughter who is 2 1/2 and very into her art, is constantly bringing home a slew of art work from nursery school and boy is she proud of them!!!   Most of these creations are pictures that she has coloured in or painted.

The problem is that she absolutely loves to look at her pictures and I have a small fridge and only so many fridge magnets and nowhere else to display them for her.  There are also few things as annoying as having to fish pictures off the floor every time you open the fridge.  So I came up with a very easy and affordable way of displaying her art work in her room… probably stolen from something I saw on Pinterest.

You will need:

  • 3 Nails
  • Ribbon – length depending on the wall where the art work is to be displayed
  • Washing Pegs
  • 5 minutes

Step 1:

Hammer in 3 nails in the wall.  The wall I used was about 5 meters long so I hammered in one about 20cm from the beginning of the wall and one 20cm before the end of the wall.  The other nail I hammered in halfway between the two.

If you want to get technical you can measure the distance from the floor to each nail and again between each nail to get them to all hang in a neat row…. but I obviously didn’t.

Step 2:

Tie the ribbon on the one end and loop over the middle nail and tie again on the last nail.  It must be a little slack so that it makes nice loops in between the nails where the art work is to be hung.

Quick Kids Art Display

Step 3:

Take some washing pegs and and hang the art work on the ‘line'(ribbon).

Quick Kids Art Display

And you are all done ready for your little one to enjoy admiring both your and her creativity.

Quick Kids Art Display