Santa’s Shoebox

The Santa’s Shoebox project is a charity very close to my heart.  They distribute thousands of gifts to kids in need all over South Africa during the festive season.  For many of these kids, this shoe box filled with goodies is the only gift they will receive during this time.  So before the guilt sets in and becomes a downer, count all your blessings, phone up your lovely friends and family and organise a Santa’s Shoebox party to celebrate your good fortune and help spread the true joy of giving this year.  

So what will you need to do to execute such a grand idea?

Firstly scoot over to the Santa’s Shoebox website and register.  Once you have registered you can select your drop off location.  When you have selected that, you will be able to select the names of the boys and girls you would like to treat this year.  And while you are there, if you have an extra hour or two over the collection period why not volunteer your time at your local collection point.  You really do meet the most wonderful of humans there. 🙂

Secondly gather as many lovelies as you can – the friends and family that is.  Get them involved, get them excited and get them pledging shoe boxes.  I am a sucker for playing together, so the idea of decorating shoe boxes while shooting the breeze with the peeps I am lucky enough to call my friends just thrills me beyond measure :).

Lastly set a date, before your local drop off date, to get together and have fun.

And that is it ladies and gentlemen.  Socialising and having fun for a good cause.  How much better can it get?

All images courtesy of Santa’s Shoebox.