SARIE Kamersvol Geskenke

Beautiful Christmas tree decorations from the Bredasdorp Square stall.  You can also buy a real life Yellowwood Christmas tree from them!  How wonderful would it be to celebrate Christmas with your grandchildren under the tree you bought when your children were still babies!  Such a legacy!

I am just in love with the simplicity of this makeshift furniture solution.  In my head I am thinking if I am going to buy straw bales then I might as well just get a donkey to feed them to… 🙂  Then again considering our mutts’ strange eating preferences they just might be willing to eat it…

The event is hosted at Open Window @ SAX in Irene, so naturally the super talented alumni are well represented.  Ptown peeps have a looksee at Moederskip and Doktrine’s Facebook pages to learn more about this bunch of homegrown ASEM arty farties!  You will not be sorry.

I have a brand new niece so obviously I went MAD when I saw all these wonderful kids clothing stalls!  And you will not find friendlier, more gentle people anywhere else in the world.  They were so generous with their information and had such enthusiasm for their products.  I am sure if  I was involved with the creation of so much cuteness my soul would probably be bursting with joy too!  The Soya Kids Clothing stall is an absolute riot of colour and joy.  They are also closely involved with the knitting ladies from St Francis Bay who knit those chunky and colourful baby jerseys.

My heart melted when I saw the adorable shoes at the Tic Tac Toe stall.  I love the idea of The First Shoe Book, I think it is such a special gift.  My mom still has her pair first pair of baby shoes, so it is very definitely something that can be passed on from generation to generation.

Ai, and then there was Potbelly and the rainbow full of baby tutus.  Do not expect to walk past their stall without getting just a tinge broody.  Oh and AnJan and their onesies and broekies, you will be hard pressed to find anything more original!  Email me for AnJan contact details!

And then a last one for the kiddiewiddies, these wonderful sewing and knitting kits are from Peg & Thread.  Also THELMA AND LOUISE paper dolls!  That is just too awesome!  They also have a range of stickers that allows your kid to use his or her imagination and make, for instance binoculars from two toilet rolls.  It is all about getting kids creative and playing again for them.  Their felted kit can be used by kids from age 3, but the sewing kits are generally more appreciated from ages 6 and up.

So I thought I was going to do one big post about all the wonderfulness at the Kamersvol event, but that is just not practical, you guys need to know about this ASEMNESS now!  It is on until the 1st of December at Open Window at SAX, it is just past the Southdowns Shopping mall in Irene, and it is well worth the entrance money (which is not a lot, a pink blaar gets you in!).  Decor, jewelery and loads more on the way soon!

Please find the contact details for all the vendors mentioned on this page here.