It’s breakfast pizza! Or an omelette…

I am not an egg fan.  I abhor boiled eggs, hate fried eggs, tolerate scrambled eggs and can just about stomach Ziplock omelettes, but only because one can jazz it up with so many other yummy things.  You can hardly taste the egg when you are done jazzing it up.  So when my brother from another mother offered to make me an omelette, I was obviously very skeptical.  But it was Sunday morning breakfast cook out and one simply does not say no to food you do not have to make yourself.  So I agreed.  And got my taste buds blown away!  I have never eaten a better omelette in my entire life, it was perfect.  On top of that, it is SO easy to make.

A whole bunch of you are probably sick and tired of your daily Tim Noakes sanctioned scrambled egg breakfast.  These omelettes are a great variation on the protein for breakfast regime.

Yummy fluffy omelette

What you’ll need:

  • 2 to 4 large eggs, depending on your appetite
  • grated cheese
  • awesome sauce
  • toppings/fillings of your choice
  • slightly oiled pan warming up on medium heat
  • Oven grill

This is how you do it:

  1. Separate your eggs.Separate the eggs.
  2. Whisk away until your egg whites are are a cloud of fluff.  I use a fork and it takes about two minutes.  Eggs at room temperature fluff much better than cold eggs.  Eggs whites whisked
  3. Add your yolks.  I like a three egg whites to one yolk ratio, the hounds obviously prefers this ratio too.  On mornings when I know lunch is going to be late in the day, I do a four whites, two yolks ratio.  I do not know if this is scientific truth but it seems that adding the yolks kills the fluff…  Must Google that sometime.Add yolks
  4. Anyway, regardless of whether the yolks steal fluff and puff or not, whisk away again to mix in the yolks properly.  You end up with the softest shade of baby yellow fluff.  Very pretty.Whisk again to mix in yolks
  5. When you are done whisking pour the mixture into your warmed pan.Pour the egg mixture into a warm pan.
  6. Leave it on the stove plate for at least a minute.  You’ll see the air bubbles become more pronounced and the omelette rises slightly.  Do not leave it for too long, otherwise the egg will become rubbery.  Ew.Leave it on the stove plate for a minute.
  7. Take it off the stove plate and pop the pan under your oven grill.  You’ll hear the air bubbles pop and the omelette will brown slightly.  I leave it for about a minute.
  8. When it is done grilling, I like to flip my omelette over and put it back on the stove plate which I have switched off by this time.  Mostly because I do not enjoy slightly cooked eggs and secondly because the ‘pan side’ works better when slathering on the awesome sauce.
  9. It is best to work quick quick at this point because you DO NOT want a rubbery omelette, so make sure all your toppings/fillings are ready to be added.
  10. Once the cheese has melted you can add some more toppings if you like, or just fold it over and tuck in.  Me, I always add more toppings.  :)
  11. And that is it ladies and gentlemen, you are done cooking.  You have one protein based breakfast that will be the envy of the fruit salad eaters.  And it is not soaked in oil.  Yay omelettes \0/!Tada! One fluffy omelette coming up.


Just a quick word on the whole protein vs carbs thing.  I follwed a high protein eating plan for about two weeks and although I did lose some weight I felt shitty most of the time, so it is a definite  no no for me.  However I can attest to the fact that a protein breakfast kicks carby breakfast’s ass every time.  It keeps you going for much longer and those tea time cookie cravings?  Gone.  Unless it is Romany Creams or Chockits or oat chrunchies or biscotti or… urgh, who am I kidding?  If it is there, I’ll eat it 🙂

Happy omelette making.