The virtues of blackout lining

Just a quick post on how ASEM blackout lining is.  The New and Improved TV Room™ finally had its curtains hung and I am so impressed with how well the blackout lining works.  When we had the curtains made, I nearly had a heart attack when it turned out that the lining was almost twice as expensive as the material itself. But it was money well spent, it works like a bomb.

Curtains open    Curtains drawn

One doesn’t really get a sense of how dark it is from the photo above because the camera is very good at picking up ambient light.  The picture below is a much more accurate representation of how much light the curtains block out.

Blackout lining in action

We got the blackout lining for two reasons.  The TV room gets sun all through the day which makes it a great warm space in winter, but in summer the heat can become unbearable.  Secondly all that light, which is great when you are not watching TV, reflects on the TV screen when you do.  It becomes really distracting and I happen to like watching TV like a zombie, eyes glazed over and totally immersed in whatever make-believe I am currently looking at.  The blackout lining solves both these problems.

So if you have a light and airy space which you would like to be a dark and cool space some of the time then blackout lining is very definitely the answer.