Upcoming maak’it Monday (and a final word on the Kindle cover)

Darling and I share our house with two big beautiful hounds called Freyja and Loxton.  Freyja and Lox used to sleep inside the house, but was promptly moved into the old garage when they started stinking the place up like it was nobody’s business.

Freyja Loxton
Miss Priss and Loxton boy

Good thing too, as it turns out when they want to get out at night they will find a way.  So this weekend is going to be all about making a DIY doggy door from what is left of the original stable door.  Things that I have to consider when making this is that Ms Priss hates going through doors that are not completely open (hard to believe but true…), so the solution has to veer towards strip curtain territory.  The material that it is made out of also has to be pliable enough to fall back into place after entering or exiting so that dem dogs don’t freeze their arses off…

And that is the challenge for this weekend.  If I can make it look good in any way I will try, but it certainly is not the main objective for this project.

Doggy door in the making.

The dogs started the process of making the doggy door.


A final last update on the homemade Kindle cover.  The lugs did indeed solve the elastic problem, yay!!  One thing though, do take your elastic with to the hardware shop and test whether it fits through the lug.  I ended up swapping out the little red ones for yellow ones.  I suspect the colour has something to do with the size of the lugs, but I am not 100% sure of that.

Female lugs to keep your elastic secure.

Eureka! A solution that works!



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