Welcome to Spring

Hello again and welcome to spring!

A beautiful garden that attracts and feeds birds and insects not only helps the environment but it is so good for one’s soul. A grieving individual will enjoy sitting outside and having some quiet time for reminiscing and planning their future, as will a convalescing patient, a broken heart, a healing limb. Herbs are very strong and were originally used for medicinal purposes only and now, with all our technology and gadgets, many people agree that going back to nature is the way to longevity and true healing.

So, we are going to design three rooms outside our kitchen in which to place these glorious gifts of nature; herbs! Remember the plan we had drawn? Well, pull it out and let us begin;

Remember that on the key it showed that the spotty part was paving and we made three rooms out of the entire southeast area. Herbs and vegetables need at least four hours sunshine daily in order to thrive and grow, so keep that in mind. It works on the south-easterly side for me, but it may be different for you depending on where your kitchen is, or where you live, or which direction your house faces.  We’ll do each room one at a time. I am going to give you alternatives to work with but remember that you must think of what suits your household needs and your goals. My goals are to make every part of your property beautiful!

It’s a good idea to make cut outs and play around with what goes where until you are comfortable with your choice. There are many choices when it comes to separating areas and remember that you need not separate them, but you may wish to delineate the two areas. A picket fence will keep animals out of the area and if locked it could keep children out too. Mostly though, it’s damned pretty! You could plant a small hedge, or use two large pots on either side, planted up with bulbs or a colour pot.

Garden Two, which is right outside the kitchen door would be the perfect place to place some seating – perhaps a table and two chairs or even six if you have the space. If this were an indoor room you would probably hang some art on the walls, so consider using these outdoor walls too. Either for injecting some colour into the area, or perhaps to hang some potted herbs on it.  Colour could be plants, a piece of art or that old frame that was just too lovely to throw away. Or hang a trellis and plant something gorgeous to creep on it.  What about a wall-mounted water feature to create a peaceful atmosphere?