Ziploc™ Omelettes

When I first received the email with the how-to for these bad boys I was very sceptical about it.  Seriously, breakfast in a bag?  It sounded impossible and quite frankly a little disgusting.  Luckily my curiosity outweighed my scepticism one idle Sunday morning and we tried them out.  What an awesome way to make breakfast!  Since that day, I have used this as my breakfast plan whenever I have to entertain in the morning. It is a boatload of fun for your guests, especially those who have never tried it. And the best part of it all?  You don’t end up with a gazillion greasy pans, pots and plates to clean.

So here is how you do it.  You will need one Ziploc™ bag and two or three eggs, depending on the size of their appetite, for each guest.  You will also need a selection of fillings:

  • bacon bits (yes, raw and go for less fatty),
  • diced bell peppers,
  • shredded spinach,
  • feta,
  • ham,
  • salami,
  • sun dried tomatoes etc.

Whatever fillings floats your boat.

  1. Break the eggs into the Ziplock bag.
  2. Close the bag and shake it. Make sure it is properly ‘zipped’!
  3. Once the eggs have been properly ‘whisked’, start adding fillings to it.  This is obviously an each to his own operation.  You will be amazed at what people are willing to mix together once they start playing with their food :)!
  4. Once you are happy with your concoction, season it with some salt and pepper.  Remove the excess air from the bag and close it up.  (This just helps it to retain shape during the cooking process, so don’t fret too much about it.)
  5. Pop the bag into a pot of boiling water for about thirteen minutes and voilà, breakfast is served.

In essence you end up with an ‘omelette’ that is light, airy and fluffy.  More quiche than omelette, really.  What I love about this is that I don’t have to worry about ‘fiemies’, if you are a committed carnivore, don’t add veggies.  If you are vegetarian, add the bacon when no one is watching :p!  If you are on a diet and only eat egg whites, separate your eggs.  It is really up to each individual what they eat, so everyone is happy.

Some tips that I have picked up over the years:

  • Don’t add your grated cheese to the raw ingredients, it gets lost during the cooking process.  Add it on top once your omelette is cooked.
  • Rather use baby tomatoes instead of diced tomato if you are adding tomato to your omelette.  The diced tomato makes it ‘mushy’.  I don’t like warm tomato so it is a personal preference thing, I like a dollop of fresh tomato salsa on top of my cooked omelette.
  • This is great for camping and self-catering weekends away, I prepare the fillings before going away and store them in Ziploc™ bags.  Everybody helps themselves out of the Ziploc™ bags so it is just a matter of closing up and packing it back in the cooler after breakfast.
Easy peasy, no mess, no fuss – my kind of meal!