Coolest alternative to Spotify!

I believe there are people who do not know the joys of Spotify. I learned this news a few months ago, and was saddened by it. Spotify is the next step in the evolution of music playback. It goes: Gramaphone records > Vinyl records > CD’s and tape cassettes (long live the mix tape!) > mp3’s > Spotify. Obviously the are some half-steps in between – radio, Pandora (remember her?), Last FM and actually going to a live gig – but these are the most profound steps in actually ‘owning’ music. I say ‘owning’ in inverted commas because no-one ever really owns music. You own a copy, of course.

Anyway, in the same way that CD’s made records redundant, and mp3’s have almost made CD’s redundant, Spotify and others like it are making pretty much all physical manifestations of recorded music slowly but surely redundant. I haven’t touched my prized CD collection in years. I barely listen to my iTunes library. Why? Because Spotify is EVERYWHERE. It is on every device I own, and even on devices I don’t own (any computer with Internet access, really, and once you’ve downloaded it, and synced some songs, you don’t even need the Internet either). Spotify can house my entire music collection, plus thousands more songs not in my collection (so I can try them out, or have access to them only in the cloud, without having to fill up my own library with them). Spotify can suggest other songs to me, based on my existing songs or artist preferences, and it can share other people’s music with me. I can see what Sarah is listening to today, and add some of her songs to my library if I like them, or send her songs I think she would like.

Omg it’s so awesome. Which is why I was so sad to hear that many people do not experience the joy that is this marvel of the free Internet world. Ok ok ‘free’ – let’s cover that quick: Spotify is free, with annoying adverts every 3 songs, and without the capability to download songs or listen to your songs without the Internet. But for a small monthly sum of £5 you can get rid of the ads, and for another fiver you can download as many songs as you can handle.

So! Now that I’ve depressed you with what you can’t have, here’s what you can have instead! It’s called the Amazon Cloud Player, and for all intents and purposes, it seems to do the same thing. Except allow you to listen to music you don’t own, unfortunately. But if you’re like me and you’ve already bought a vast amount of music on Amazon (because they’re almost always cheaper than iTunes, or any other service I know of) you can now listen to any of those songs at any time! You don’t need to download a program (as is the case with Spotify), which helps a lot when you’re working on a machine with no administrator privileges.

ACP is available on PC and Mac, Android, iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire and even Sonos in your home (how awesome if you have a Sonos system! I want one too!). You can listen to any music you’ve purchased with Amazon ever, and also add songs that are currently on your device. The selection of available songs is HUGE (20 million) and the quality is superb. omg I love Amazon. I love everything about it.