Month: September 2014

Yummy fluffy omelette

It’s breakfast pizza! Or an omelette…

I am not an egg fan.  I abhor boiled eggs, hate fried eggs, tolerate scrambled eggs and can just about stomach Ziplock omelettes, but only because one can jazz it up with so many other yummy things.  You can hardly taste the egg when you are done jazzing it up.  So when my brother from another mother offered to make me an omelette, I… Read more →

Santa's Shoebox

Santa’s Shoebox

The Santa’s Shoebox project is a charity very close to my heart.  They distribute thousands of gifts to kids in need all over South Africa during the festive season.  For many of these kids, this shoe box filled with goodies is the only gift they will receive during this time.  So before the guilt sets in and becomes a downer,… Read more →

Soft blocks for little guy all done!

Sewing soft blocks for young’uns

Ha ha ha, I started out this post with a whole philosophical paragraph about why I love hanging out with kids, but my SEO software tells me that shit a’int gonna fly.  Gotta get the keywords in the first paragraph to draw in the bots, ahem crowds… /0\.  So here it is, this is a tutorial on how to sew… Read more →