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Magnetic Necklace Display

DIY Magnetic display board and jewellery organiser

I think the collective noun for necklaces should be a mess of necklaces.  No matter how carefully you put them away somehow when you open your drawer again all of them have tangled into a glorious mess.  So I have been toying with the idea of a jewellery display for ages, but I do not like the chicken wire or peg board solutions that are all… Read more →

All done.  Sparkly bits for your garden sorted.

Mosaic your planters with old CD’s

I live in a household of IT laaities.  We have spindles and spindles of old data on CD’s and DVD’s.  Database back ups from my first job, installation CD’s, pirated music and whole bunch of things that are just taking up space and gathering dust.  Yup, we all have a CD sleeve full of mix music CD’s from the noughties… Read more →

Santa's Shoebox

Santa’s Shoebox

The Santa’s Shoebox project is a charity very close to my heart.  They distribute thousands of gifts to kids in need all over South Africa during the festive season.  For many of these kids, this shoe box filled with goodies is the only gift they will receive during this time.  So before the guilt sets in and becomes a downer,… Read more →


Instagram Fridge Magnets

I absolutely LOVED doing this project.  Not only do I adore the subject matter but after having had this little face on my fridge for a couple days before I sent it to off to her Ouma Plaas and Ouma Bos as Christmas gifts, I know how much happiness a gift like this brings. Read more →

Orange and Rosemary Bath salt

Homemade Bath and Foot Soaks

I love bathing, although I do not do the whole light-candles-and-drink-wine-in-the-bath thing, I spend an unhealthy amount of time in the bath reading.  So far I have lost only one book to the water in a bath-reading career that has spanned more than a decade.  Not too bad a casualty record, I think. But regardless, these reading sessions always leave… Read more →

Homemade reed diffuser

Homemade Air Fresheners

As part of the great homemade Christmas gift experiment of 2012, I tried my hand at homemade air fresheners.  And what a great load of fun it was!  This is a really easy and inexpensive way to create scents and aromas for your house for different occasions.  And best of all, it does not contain any chemicals so your allergy prone… Read more →

Homemade bathfizzies

Homemade Bath Fizzies

More than a month after Christmas and I am finally getting to the homemade bathy stuff Xmas gifts.  All apologies for taking so long to get them up and posted, but better late than never. First up are the homemade bath fizzies, or if you have round moulds, bath bombs.  In my case I had some left over after filling the… Read more →


Homemade Xmas Gifts – Sugar Scrub

First off, all apologies for not positing regularly lately.  It is that time of the year when everything has to be done before December so time for experimenting and maak’iting is being used for work work /0\.  I did however manage to pinch off a couple of minutes this weekend to start with the Homemade Christmas Gifts series. Read more →


DIY Bird Feeder Success

I am so very chuffed to announce that the DIY bird feeders have been a resounding success.  In the past couple of weeks there has been increased bird activity in the garden and the joy of hearing birds and birds and more birds on waking up is just exquisite.  We even have a dove nesting just outside my office. Got… Read more →

Playdough Cooling

Making Colourful and Fun Playdough

I have always wanted to make playdough for the kids but I have seen the results of some really dodgy homemade versions, which tend to leave a layer of salt on your hands after fiddling with it.  This has put me off trying to make my own for a while until along came the fabulous and wonderful Pinterest which is… Read more →