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Santa's Shoebox

Santa’s Shoebox

The Santa’s Shoebox project is a charity very close to my heart.  They distribute thousands of gifts to kids in need all over South Africa during the festive season.  For many of these kids, this shoe box filled with goodies is the only gift they will receive during this time.  So before the guilt sets in and becomes a downer,… Read more →

Mother's day gifts

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So inclement weather, lack of time and a bloody fantastic wedding kind of kept me from finishing up the new and improved composting system at 3623 this weekend.  And as I am off to the overseas for a little bit, it will just have to wait until I am home again.  But I was not totally idle the past week… Read more →

Leafmould in the making

Winter is coming!

Although I am not fond of autumn, mostly because it precedes winter, I have come to appreciate it for its own beautiful colours.  Up here in Pretoria it is an absolute pleasure to drive around Brooklyn and Rietondale and see all the liquid amber trees showing off their red-gold sunset coloured leaves.  Rietondale Park is especially perfect for a lazy… Read more →


Milking It

So Mommies – our most important job once baby is here is making sure they get enough of the right food to help them grow. First decision is whether to comply with the “breast is best” mantra or go with formula. If formula is your preference you can rest assured that huge amounts of research has gone in to making… Read more →

Dry wash dog shampoo

Homemade dry-wash dog shampoo

The royal family at 3623 HATES getting a bath.  It is not just that they hate being washed, they intensely dislike water in general.  Miss Priss once went to the farm with me and it was only after she got a good ribbing from the farm dogs for being such a city sissy that she joined in the fun to… Read more →


Birth Day!

So this is my very first blog and, of course, it’s about Mommyhood. Anyone who has a baby or is expecting one will understand how all-consuming this topic becomes in your thoughts and discussions. It’s the single most monumental change that will ever explode into your life and absolutely reshuffle everything in it. It’s sometimes very, very hard and scary… Read more →